Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Survey by Hugo !!



My hypothesis about this survey is “the effect of choosing the health way to reduce stress is better than choosing the harmful ways”. I am interested to know whether choosing the harmful ways really helps them to reduce stress or not, and also I am interested where their stress mainly comes from and how is their feeling after they chose these ways to reduce their stress. Our group members include Aki, Mo, Winnie, Hamdan, and myself. We required about this topic and gave a questionnaire to 51 SIUC students. 9 sophomore students, 13 junior students, 8 senior students and 6 graduate students. We asked 10 questions (7 questions were multiple questions and 3 Yes-No questions) face to face at the student center and library on the SIUC campus. Also I have some good experience about the fact that asking people to do a survey is not that hard, and also they would be open to help me answer the questions.

When analyzing the survey result, I found that about a third (31%) of the population says they would try some harmful ways to reduce stress while the majority would not; roughly they agree with my hypothesis and they believe the healthy ways are better. However, the result shows a different story. For the people who choose healthy ways such as talking to friends, exercising and listening music, their feelings are basically the same as choose harmful ways. This means on the basis of outcome, healthy and unhealthy ways both might help release the stress. In this survey, the most interesting thing about the American students is which they would be open to help me answer the questions for example one of the answers of the questions, which harmful choice will you choose?” is drugs. Drugs are illegal in Illinois; there are still 2 students who chose to use drugs. Maybe this is the American culture, and also it surprises me because drugs are not common in my country.

If I do this survey next time in the future, I would choose more than 200 people to answer my survey, they would not only be students, but also would include business men, teachers, lawyers, and doctors, because everyone would have stress. Also, this survey gave me experience how to ask people to do a survey; If I have other chances to research how to reduce stress again, I would not choose people who studied in a group or took lunch in a group to answer my survey together, because the people who are in a group always have the similar answers. Although, from the result of my survey. I found out the people who choose healthy ways, have the same feeling as those who choose the harmful ways, I still suggest that people use the healthy ways, and only the healthy ways really help people, because not matter the harmful ways can help reduce stress or not, it’s bad for out health.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aki's Survery Report

Stress is common problem in college life. So how to choose the best way to reduce stress is very important, especially for students. Ways of reducing stress is our groups topic and our group’s members include Mo, Winnie, Hamdan, Hogo and me. Ours hypothesis is American students think that exercise is the main way for college students to reduce stress. We really are interested in this topic because we want to find the best way to reduce stress. We conducted a survey of 50 SIUC American students; the respondents included 25 males and 25 females. We went to the SIUC student center and Faner and asked students to do questionnaires. They were very friendly and we discussed many ways to reduce stress.

Nowadays a lot of information shows that exercise is a good way to reduce stress. That’s why we made the hypothesis that exercise is the main way for students to reduce stress, but in our survey some students didn’t agree with ours hypothesis. They thought exercise is time-consuming. In addition, according to our survey, most female respondents didn't choose exercise because they thought they don’t have partners to go with. They think listening to music is more effective because they can do it any time. Also, they like to choose “talk with friends” to reduce stress, because it not only reduces stress, because it not only reduces stress, but also includes social function. In this survey I learned many ways to reduce my stress, I really enjoyed this survey.

If I could do or make a survey next time, I would like my respondents to answer questionnaires by interviewing individually. After respondents answer the questionnaires, I will ask them the detail of why they chose the answers and take the notes behind the questionnaires. Then, we can get more respondents' opinions by interviewing one by one. I think this way can make my survey more clear. In addition, I like my topic because this topic provides a good way for students to reduce stress.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Atigah Karnaf

If smokers quit, who will our children have to look down to?


According to this article, there are 20 percent of adults in a province of Canada who use tobacco. This number leads

to this: there are young children who also smoke. In the 1970s approximately 102 percent of Canadian adults smoke . The kids

believed that you had nothing to do in your free time if you did not smoke. An oddball person who did not get smoking could

do any thing to feel cool .For example, they used their shirt to smell the air in the car. The local rink is smoke free. That is

why some players are in such poor physical condition. Smoking causes people to die indirectly.


I disappointed by the news that comes in this article. I surprised when I read the number of smokers in one country in 1977. In

every country alarming people to avoid smoking is very important, for example, by using radio, TV or magazine. The cigarette

does not affect on the smokers but also effects people who sit behind the smoke .That called "Second-hand smoke". Most

people who smoke have problems on their life, for example, family problem, studying stress,losing job ,bad friends and alot of

free time I think most of these people are teenagers . The role of the family is very important to watch their children and their

children's friends.There are a link between tobacco and the dangers of diseases like cancer

What does it take to get us off the couch?



Lindell R. (2011, January 26). What does it take to get us off the couch? Retrieved
February 13, 2011, form


• establish- to start a company or organization that will continue for a long time
• associate- to connect someone or something in your mind with someone or something else
• dramatic- very sudden or noticeable, or full of action and excitement
• elicited- to get or produce something, especially information or a reaction
• inactivity- doing nothing
• osteoporosis- a disease which causes the bones to become weaker and easily broken
• aspiration- something that you hope to achieve
• harsh- unpleasant, unkind, cruel or unnecessarily severe
• external- of, on, for or coming from the outside
• hinder- to limit the ability of someone to do something, or to limit the development of something
• chore- a job or piece of work which is often boring or unpleasant but needs to be done regularly
• barrier- a long pole, fence, wall or natural feature, such as a mountain or sea, that stops people from going somewhere
• interruption- when someone or something stops something from happening for a short period
• expunge- to rub off or remove information from a piece of writing


According to Rebecca Lindell, in her article, “What does it take to get us off the couch”, the author mentions the point of getting people off couch to exercise is to connect daily lives and values to their physical activity. According the article, some people don’t know what exercise is. They think they are not sportsmen and they don’t like to go to gym, so they don’t exercise. But there are many kinds of exercise people can do, even daily activities like walking to work. The writer thinks that the main cause of people doing exercise is motivation; consequently, finding a motivating aspiration relative to exercise in which people are really passionate makes exercise become one part of people’s daily life activity. For example, a divorced man might reach his goal- finding new friends by exercise. In short, the writer advises readers to find a motivation on exercise. This way, it is easier for them to work out regularly.


First of all, I agree with the author who states that finding a motivation to exercise is easier for people to exercise regularly. I have a fundamental reason to support my opinion. People can keep working out regularly with great passion, because they are interested about it. For instance, I really like to dance salsa, so I go to gym to take salsa class every Wednesday. Though I have a lot of homework due on Thursday, I always finish earlier in order to go to salsa class on time. When I dance salsa, I feel interested and never tired. In summary, I think that people find a motivation about which they are passionate is easier to work out regularly because they enjoy it.

When I finish reading the article, I feel confused about this article. I have one reason to support my feeling. The writer mentioned many kinds of exercise, but she didn’t show the specific definition of exercise. For example, in the seventh paragraph of the article, it shows that researchers said about people don’t understand what exercise is, but it doesn’t tell readers what the correct meaning of exercise is. The field of exercise is so wide which needs to be defined specifically. Without clear definition readers might not get a standard of exercise to understand the article. In this article, she showed reader many researches relative to exercise, but she didn’t give reader the definition of exercise clearly. That might makes readers confused.

In summary, finding a motivation is every important for people who want to work out regularly, because they can enjoy exercising. In this article, it mentions many kinds of exercise that we can to we daily life. If the writer could talk more detail about field of exercise well make this article more clearly. Studying this article not only makes me more understand the benefits of exercise, but also makes me learn the skill how to write a good article.

Survey Report

Moatasem AL-Ridha

There are many reasons that can cause dangerous to our body; one of the most important reasons is stress. Stress can reduce the ability of the immune system to fight the diseases. The body becomes more susceptible to different diseases. For all these dangerous reasons, we decided to make this survey to looking for the Ways of reducing stress. My hypothesis is "American female talk to friends and listen to music more than American male" to reduces stress. The most important way to reduce stress that female use is talk to friends. If a woman suffers from a dangerous disease like breast cancer, she becomes more likely to recover from this disease if she expresses her anger outwardly by talking to her friends. This point was very interesting for me to know about these details, I work with a wonderful group to ask students; my group contains Hamdan, Aki, Hugo and Winnie. We asked students from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale (SIU-C) in different place inside the campus such as Fanner Hall, Student Center and Morris Library. The total number of the students, who participated in our survey, was 51 people. They were 26 females and 25 males. I got experience in how to ask students and also how to talk with strangers.

American students deal with me very nicely; all the students help me. . Only one student in the Morris library refused to fill the form he said "I am sorry, I have homework, and I do not have time". It was very interested to talk with these students. I expected, I would find a huge difference between the percent of females and males in talking to friend when they feel stress. I thought the female also more than male listen to music. After I collected the result I found there is a difference between female 65% and male 48%. My hypothesis is right, but there was no big difference between the results. Also, the percent of females who listen to music was 42%, and male 40%; it is very closest, but it still is different.

Finally, my advice to make this survey better is making the questions with more specific details without any generalization. Also, we should ask large numbers of people to get real results. One of the important points when you ask people in general; you should choose the good place and time to ask them, because these points affect the result

Report Survey

Hamdan alsulaimani
Report Survey

Our hypothesis is females who have stress from study talk with their friends to reduce stress more than males. The hypothesis was very interesting because what we expected is right. Moatasem, Aki, Hugo, Winnie, and I asked 51 students about the topic at the library and the student center. In general, it was easy to collect the survey.
I leaned many things with this survey. For example, Americans students were very friendly when they talked with international students. Actually, I recommended to my friends that do not ask students who are very busy, because some of them do not have time. However, the results were similar to what we expected. According to our survey females who got stress from study talk with friends to reduce stress more than males (females 65%, males 48%). Then, females are comfortable when they talk with their friends more than males.
Finally, if a person wants to do research about this topic, I recommend that he makes more yes-no questions than multiple-choice questions because yes-no questions give clear proportions. And also, I recommend that he asks the teachers in the university, Cesl, and schools.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reading Reaction Journal #3

Haohui Lu (Hugo)
Reading Reaction Journal #3
Larry Gordon, Los Angeles Times (Jan, 27, 2011). More college freshmen feeling overwhelmed, survey finds. Retrieved Feb, 8th, 2011,

In this article, the author described a survey report about the college students’ stress. Many students have lots of stress when they have just been in the college, and this report also says the freshmen who have stress were more than their predecessors. Their stress often come from the emotional controlling and financial stress, also men have stronger emotional than the women, which are described by the report. And the students also think the recession always affect their choice of college, because the families’ financial problems and scholarships give them a lot of stress. About the students how to reduce the stress, some male would choose to watch TV and play games, and some female may choose to help with chores at home, and both of them also would choose the positive side to take part in the clubs and community service to reduce their stress and let themselves have more college experience.

In this article, I was very interested in reading about the report describe where is the college students’ stress come from, and which is the positive ways to reduce the stress about the students. And I also agree John H. Pryor says, “When the students go into the college, they would feel overwhelmed and have lower emotional reserves to deal with their stress.” In my opinion, the reason of the freshmen has a lot of stress, base on two things, first before they go into the college, they didn’t have enough prepare, they didn’t know how is the college’s study, and what is the different between the college study and the high school study; second when they have stress, they don’t know how to solve the problems, and how to reduce their stress. So the best way to help the freshmen due with their stress is giving them some college studies’ experiment before they go into the college, and after they understand, they would know how to manage their stress.